Media Grading

Last updated on: January 3rd, 2020

Firstly, we do not believe that there is a Near Mint (NM) or Mint (M) record in reality. If the record is factory sealed, it will be listed as sealed. The highest rating is excellent (EX) for open records. Most records are visually graded. If media is play-graded, it will be listed so in the description.


The record is still factory sealed.

Excellent (EX):

Very little to no physical damage visible on the record, paper scuffs.

Very Good Plus (VG+):

A Very Good Plus record will show some signs of use and otherwise well-cared for. Records will play with little to no issues.  Vinyl surfaces can have defects as it is light surface wear. Vinyl can have slight warp as long as play is not effected. Labels can have spindle and light ring wear. Sleeves can have rounded corners, small splits, and very slight ring wear. 

Very Good (VG):

A Very Good record will show signs of wear and play. Surface noise is acceptable as long as it plays through. Record will have visible defects, and scratches. Label can be water damaged and have spindle wear. Sleeve will have ring wear, but artwork will still be mostly intact. Rounded corners and partially split sleeves are normal. 

Good (G), Good Plus (G+):

Good and Good plus records will show extreme wear, but will still play. Center labels can be have lots of damage. Sleeves will be split on at least one side, tape or other repair products can be found holding the sleeve together. Unless the record is extremely rare, these records will probably not be sold. 

Poor (P), Fair (F):

Poor or fair Record are usually almost unplayable and the sleeves are split on multiple sides. Again, unless extremely rare, they will not be sold here.